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Dance shop in Odessa Mambo offers customers kits for various types of activities - for ballroom dancing, for ballet, choreography and rhythmic gymnastics from companies such as SASAKI and Chacott.
In the shop for buyers there is a wide range of dance costumes of already known and well-established sportswear companies, such as Grand Prix, Grishko.
In addition, for less demanding customers who want to purchase a less expensive model, there is a whole collection of tracksuits for dances from domestic manufacturers.


In this project, our team was tasked with developing a new website design with a user-friendly interface.


The following tasks were solved:
- a detailed catalog of clothing with the possibility of expansion;
- marketing modules: popular products, recommended products;
- convenient navigation - help the user quickly and easily navigate the pages of the online store;
- the design style of the site is bright, but at the same time not intrusive, it is very important in order to attract attention, but without annoyance.