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System of monitoring and remote opening

System of monitoring and remote door opening, which can be installed in offices, homes, garages and areas for different purposes. Using our development will allow you to watch the entrance or other location where the camera is located, and manage lock in the distance.
The system allows monitoring and control of lock with the help of applications iPhone, Android, widgets for MacOS and Windows 7, as well as by the application to Vktonakte and any web browser. So you will not have to get used to the interface and features of new devices.
Opening the lock is possible by entering a password or a graphic using fingerprint recognition (iPhone), which will protect and secure your premises from unwanted intrusion by third parties. Now there is no need to have a lot of duplicate keys and experience that you can forget the keys or poteryat- key to the door is always there in your smartphone or computer.
The hardware part is based on microprocessors and mini-computer that is running the operating system Linux. In addition to these functions, it is possible revision of the device by adding additional sensors (USB, Logical) or new actuators.
The system was developed as an internal project company for use in our offices. And soon was improved by control via a PC on MacOS to a fully independent device, a remote control through a variety of modern devices and web applications.