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GPS-transport monitoring system

This product is a system that performs the function of positioning using a satellite receiver - GPS-tracker.

Scope of application GPS-monitoring

  • - transport companies
  • - emergency
  • - vehicle fleets and taxi dispatch services
  • - service carrying passengers
  • - private car
  • ... and many other

At any time, the user can make a request for location simultaneously multiple vehicles with installed device.

The advantages of using GPS-monitoring system of transport

Route optimization movement of vehicles

Suppression of misuse of transport

Improving the quality of customer service

More efficient use of transport

Reducing fuel consumption by 20-30%

Reduction in vehicle mileage by 5-15%

How it works

The definition of coordinates via satellite GSM
Sending data to server GSM
The processing of the data server
Display information in the web interface

Installation of GPS-tracker in the vehicle?

Is set to almost any kind of ground vehicles. Small size allows the device anywhere in the vehicle. Uninterruptible power supply from the electrical system enables long-term use of the device.