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created for those who love freedom and new impressions.

With Afisha you do not need maps, guides and timetables. It always offers interesting activities for every taste, and also helps you navigate through an unfamiliar city.

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Afisha knows all the theaters, clubs and concert halls of the city.

It will tell you what's new on the big screen, which party worth a visit, as well as someone to wait in the city on tour. Addresses and phone numbers of cultural institutions of Odessa with reference to the map will allow time to purchase tickets and not to miss the long-awaited event.


Working principle

With the application you can find answers to three main questions of cultural life:
What? Where? What time? »

And also get information on how to reach important monuments or buildings, than it is better to do and where and if you want a refill of energy and purse.



Afisha has a huge amount of useful information.

It always knows where to buy auto parts or a ticket for vacation, tell the location of the nearest hundred or a bank, and also help you choose the perfect place for a business lunch.



Afisha - bright application for stylish people. Bright colors and a minimum details make working with it easy and convenient. information grouped into thematic units. Searching for information now takes a few seconds!

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The application does not require a permanent connection to the Internet. information You can update once and use it all day long. Application data is automatically updated twice a day, so that users are always aware of events.