About us

Agency ACCUMULATOR Digital Agency was founded in 2002 because of the irresistible desire to create beauty and functionality in the online space.

Over 18 years of continuous growth and development of our agency helped the owners of all sorts of businesses and their customers to find each other and stay in touch without leaving the comfort of homes and offices in Ukraine, Russia, the United States, England and other countries.

Our main field of activity - a web development and custom web-based systems, mobile applications for Android and IPhone, creation memorable corporate identity, recognizable logo, bright and comfortable design, impressive 3D graphics.

For us, there is no word "impossible" - we always find a way out of any situation.

We have a lot clients who have had the unfortunate experience of working with other companies - and we have helped them get out of the problem situation, even when it seemed it absolutely impossible.

We are team of professionals who work for your successful business.

We are always trying to simplify our client's life and give an ability
to spend more time for the business.

Our main goal is not just interpret client's ideas into the product, but do it efficiently and without harming of project's existing architecture.

Client's business is a corner-stone for us, and we do our best to make the project working stable 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.

Understanding is really important to have a successful development process, and we are trying not to lose it in any case..

If client has a critical situation - we will do our best to help as soon as possible... even on weekend... even at night.

Feedback from our clients

Our online store combines excellent design and non-trivial functionality. Our customers have a clear understanding what they should do in order to complete the order through our site.

Moscow Gadget

The project ordered by us was handed over in 4 weeks and is still working flawlessly. Site management is simple and intuitive. Thank you!

Altair Plus

We have been working together for 7 years. Our projects are constantly in the process of improvement. Implementing all our requests, guys never say the word "impossible".


Our team